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Types of Systems

Getting the right system for your needs is crucial. Masco solar arrays on the roof comprise of numerous solar panels installed on stands and linked to each other to transform radiation from the sun into electrical energy (DC current). To use this electricity in your home appliances it is converted from DC to AC using an inverter.


The loads are running on the power being provided by the inverter. Additional power is supplied to a battery bank which stores energy that can be used later or at night when the solar panels are not generating any power. This in turn also minimizes the power that needs to be used from the power grid resulting in greater savings. Bigger the battery bank higher is the capacity to store power and lengthier is the backup time.


The inverter is providing the loads with the required power and any excess power can be fed into the electricity grid which will enable the advantages of feed-in credits. When the loads require more power than the solar system can provide, the extra power can be supported by the utility grid. The inverter will be set to provide power first from the solar panels (free electricity) and draw power from the grid only if required.

*Results are only indicative of the reduction in the utility bill and are not a guarantee of performance and savings for any particular system or location

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