Field Service

Masco Energy Services has a complete network of field service engineers in various cities where we operate. Field service engineers are usually located in the surrounding region, taking good care of a small number of diesel and gas-powered engines/generators. This encourages quick response for your generator in the event of any unscheduled maintenance needs. We are able to provide optimized response times and availability guarantees for your generator with our contractual maintenance agreements. Alternatively, for remote sites under a full operation and maintenance contract engineers can be assigned to a single installation. If you would like to find out more about the services which are available in your local area, please contact your nearest Masco Energy Services office.


  • We provide genuine GE Waukesha and Mitsubishi engines/generator spare parts with optimal performance levels achieved.
  • We give quality control and accountability of our products.
  • Rapid dispatch is done when needed with minimal levels of down-time.
  • Here at Masco we have competitive global pricing.

Maintenance Agreements

Masco Energy Services is able to commission generator sets all over the country. It is carried out by local Masco Energy Services’ teams. The engineers commissioning the generators are from the same team of engineers that look after them in the future. This arrangement provides consistency for the client and facilitates the maximum level of service through familiarity with the site and project. As an additional advantage, we are able to offer maintenance agreements that include availability guarantees for the generators that Masco Energy has sold, installed and commissioned the units.


A maintenance agreement provides you with numerous advantages:
  • It gives our client more predictable running costs and risk mitigation throughout equipment's life time.
  • With the maintenance agreement optimum customer care is done with our dedicated personnel, backed by the global manufacturer’s service network and remote services.
  • Manufacturer’s original spare parts are provided for the clients benefit.
  • While integrating planning will optimized availability of parts, materials and service technicians with the outage schedule lined up with the workload.
  • We ensure guaranteed availability, subject to engines being sold and installed by Masco Energy Services.
  • Flexible scope of agreements can be agreed upon, customized to your specific needs.

Scope of Service Agreement

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):
Maintenance agreements reduce risk for your plant providing high values. These agreements allow you to focus on your key business. Following are the core points that Masco Energy Services maintenance agreement commonly contains:
  • According to the maintenance requirements of your generator, scheduled maintenance is done including all essential spare parts. Masco Energy Services supplies original spare parts, not third the party imitations or aftermarket spares.
  • Corrective and scheduled maintenance is done till the end of the contract.
  • Supply of lubricants with minor and major overhauls can also be provided.
  • We provide remote services to guarantee timely and accurate technical support. Please contact your local Masco Energy Services office to have an understanding of what is available near you.
  • Subject to engine being sold, installed and commissioned by Masco Energy Services, the availability is guaranteed.
  • Consumables like air, oil and fuel filters needed for scheduled maintenance are available.

Material Stream Agreements (MSA):
If your staff can conduct the maintenance work on their own then the Material Stream Agreements are ideal. These agreements supply the delivery of original engine/generator spare parts for the preventive maintenance which are based on the functioning hours of your engine. This will benefit you from:
  • Ideal prices and security for your engines original parts throughout the contract.
  • Planning and preferential dispatching for your spare parts needs is done by Masco Energy Services team.
  • Latest available technology parts are delivered at the time they are needed.
Site-based Operation and Maintenance Contract (SOMC):
It may be beneficial for the end customer to have Masco Energy Services staff in some areas completely based on site with a full operation and maintenance contract. This can be done where the quantity of engines is sufficient or where the site is particularly remote. Site-based maintenance operatives can ensure smooth operation of the installation and offers you the benefits of all services supplied from a single source that is our skilled and well-trained Masco Energy Services technicians.

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