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Solar FAQs?

The cost of solar varies depending on the size, type, quality and location of installation.   Get a quote from Masco Solar according to your requirements.

The power generated by the solar power system offsets your utility electricity bill depending on the size and efficiency of the system and solar irradiance depending on the location. You will protect yourself from rising electricity rates in the future.

Masco Solar can help reduce your carbon footprint on the environment by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to climate change. Solar offsets power production from dirty fuels that are responsible for air pollution that causes smog in some parts of Pakistan, which can cause health problems.

Excess solar power can be stored in batteries to be used later. However like most developed countries excess solar power can be sold back to the utility and this system of Net Metering can eliminate the reliance on batteries. This system has recently been started in Islamabad (on a limited scale) and will be rolled out to the rest of Pakistan so you should plan on getting a solar power system that has the ability to export your excess solar power.

Most solar panels have a guaranteed power life of over 25 years but studies have shown that their design life is more than 35 years.

Solar panels have no moving parts and therefore last for several decades without incurring any maintenance cost. They only require regular cleaning to prevent any sunlight being blocked by dust.

Direct sunlight is ideal and solar panels produce less on cloudy days but produce electricity none the less. A rain shower actually rinses away the dirt and dust on the solar panels which allows them to work more efficiently afterwards.

The payback on solar is very attractive and most people recover the cost of the investment on the first couple of years. The solar system adds a lot of value to your property so it’s always a win-win situation even if you do plan on moving.

You can Contact Us and we will give you a quote on the size and type of system you require according to your needs. The process is described on our Going Solar page.

Solar Panels  Works even if its cloudy

*Results are only indicative of the reduction in the utility bill and are not a guarantee of performance and savings for any particular system or location

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