Mitsubishi Diesel Generators in Pakistan

Range 30KVA to 3000KVA (Industrial & Commercial Applications)
Point Tropical/Oversized radiator; designed to operate at 50°C ambient temperature
Point Unmatched performance in hot weather conditions
Point Reliable and long lasting DG synchronization system
Point Low fuel consumption and other consumables
Point Highest torque bearing capacity
Point Easiest engines to operate and perform maintenance on

Why Mitsubishi Diesel Generators

Point Higher power density
They consume less space and provide higher power outputs. These compact power units demand less floor space in a generator set placement. They are lightweight and easy to install

Point Best in class fuel efficiency
With more than a decade of experience of diesel engine production we possess a direct injection system employing Mitsubishi’s originally designed PS type fuel injection pump. With the high performance turbocharger and a twin passage swirl port designed by Mitsubishi especially for the MGS Series, Mitsubishi has achieved outstanding fuel-efficient engines.

Point Unique and reliable design
Our newly designed crankcase and components provide a compact configuration. Most accessories are focused on one side of the engine for convenient daily maintenance. Exterior engine piping has been replaced by internal installation of accessories eliminating the probability of pipe breakage. Cartridge type paper filter facilitates simple and easy filter change. It’s a rationalized design approach based on usability. Thermal loads have been reduced and the structure equipped with enhancing features that ensures engine reliability.

Point Easy maintenance
The automatic lubricating system and gear-driven arrangement eliminates the necessity for lubrications and adjustments. Filter changes can be performed easily and are easily accessible.

Point Full line-up to match the needs
With the use of standardized components throughout the MGS Series engines the number of engine parts is reduced and it allows easier components supply. Mitsubishi fulfills your variety of needs with broader selection of engine models and optional equipment. The MGS Series is developed to answer the needs of the market. The exclusive design assures outstanding engine reliability, simple maintenance and cost-efficient performance.

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