About Masco Energy Services

Masco Energy Services (MES) is a renowned company in the supply, engineering, installation and maintenance of power systems machinery sales and services occupying a leadership position globally in the respective areas.

  • Solar Power Systems
  • Diesel & Gas Engines/Generators
  • Farm, Construction & Earth Moving Machinery

Masco Energy Services is the pioneer in advanced power systems since the last 44 years and has been supporting the local industries through the chronic energy crisis the country has been facing for decades now. We have a wide range of products for residential, commercial and industrial applications backed by our premium long-term service support. Masco is at the forefront of producing innovative solutions for power generation needs of its customers.

The company has its head office in Karachi and a regional office in Lahore. It has two satellite facilities in Islamabad and Hyderabad. In addition to Pakistan the company is providing its services to clients in Middle East and Africa.

Why Masco Energy Services?

Masco Energy Services is a complete power solutions provider of diesel and solar systems. Our service teams are fully trained and have the fastest response times in the industry for emergency and preventive maintenance requirements. Our power systems have been designed to provide the highest up-times which are further enhanced with the support of our skilled service teams to ensure our customers to reduce their production costs. Our engineering team design systems according to each customer’s requirements. These custom solutions ensure the ideal fit and the best performance in fulfilling their exact demands. We back all our installations with substantial stock of spare parts in case of any emergency. We train our customers technical teams on safe and efficient operational procedures, preventive maintenance works and basic troubleshooting in order to ensure smooth running of the power systems. We offer the most technologically advanced products along with them being cost effective.

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