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How it Works

With Masco Solar, all your energy problems are resolved as we streamline the process of utilizing the Sun's never ending energy to fuel your own power system. This is how the process works:



We will begin with a quick conversation to qualify your demand and observe if solar is right for you. In some cases our personal representative will set up an appointment to visit your site and examine the exact requirement.

Proposed Development

Proposed Development

The information provided by you will be utilized to personalize your solar power project and prepare the quote that will give you the highest returns over the next 25 years.

Proposed Submission

Proposal Submission

The proposal will have all the detailed information about our Masco Solar system including warranties and assurances that will protect you and your home. The estimated time of project completion will be provided after order placement.

Design phase

Design phase

After taking your home dimensions and measurements, design work will start on your project according to the customized requirements.


Schedule and Execution

Coordinate with you to schedule the installation and aim to complete the works in the shortest possible time period.



Flip the switch on and enjoy the advantages of free electricity which should begin showing up from your next electricity utility bill.

After Sale services

After Sale services

Masco Solar will support you all the time and our high quality services can be availed anytime if you ever have issues with our system.

Solar Panels  Works even if its cloudy

*Results are only indicative of the reduction in the utility bill and are not a guarantee of performance and savings for any particular system or location

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