FPT Industrial Diesel Generators

In Pakistan, Masco Energy Services is the official distributor of FPT Industrial (Fiat IVECO) diesel generator, power generation and marine engines. With extended customizable configurations FPT Industrial diesel generator and engine line-up is available from 30KVA to 450KVA. In every industry our products can be used in different applications where diesel generators are required as a prime and standby backup source.

FPT Industrial provides the optimal answer with its state-of-the-art range of engines for Power Generation applications wherever energy has to be delivered rapidly and reliably.

FPT Industrial products come with functional layouts, hi-tech contents and carefully selected top quality components as well..

At FPT Industrial, respect for the environment is one of the main drivers of product development, where the increasingly rigorous standards for diesel engines emissions were considered as a challenge to continuous improvement.

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According to ISO standard certification of performance, we provide maximum performance related to load acceptance. For multiple power generation applications, exceptional transient load response is delivered. Accurate fuel delivery is done to achieve leading performance in terms of load reaction and top power with minimum fuel consumption.

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Designed for tropical conditions

In all conditions maximum performance is guaranteed. Its designed to operate in tropical conditions of Pakistan where high ambient temperatures and humidity require an over engineered design.

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Long Service Intervals

Maintenance and operating cost is reduced due to optimum engine design in terms of mechanical clearances. It has piston rings and extended oil change intervals.

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High load factor allowance

Higher engine power density with the shortest load response time is done. Better metallurgy is delivered to sustain extreme engine stresses due to higher allowable average load factor.

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Leakage prevention

Component integration is carried out. We have Integrated CCV (Closed Crankcase Ventilation) system and engine design oriented to give high component integration.

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Friendly to the environment

Noise is reduced due to the use of low emission products.

Fossil Fuels

Fuel Consumption

High thermodynamic performance with low fuel consumption is provided.


Dual speed mode

We provide potential to switch from 1500 rpm to 1800 rpm for higher flexibility.



Easy access for quick maintenance is provided due to simple design.

FPT Industrial (IVECO)

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